Chathouse 3D SuperBowl 50

He is a new update ready for Chathouse 3D!
On the occasion of the 50th SuperBowl, Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers, this Sunday we made you the perfect outfits for your Super Bowl party this year!

The update includes:
  • 2 Packs with full Cheerleader outfits to give your favorite team (Broncos or Panthers) the right support. Each including a Top, Skirt and Boots.
  • 2 Trikots for the Guys in the team colors.
  • Hoodies in many different colors for those who don't want to take a side in this.
  • 3 pairs of sunglasses in different colors, because you know, in the Chathouse 3D Villa the sun always shines.

Cheerleader Outfits for Panthers and Broncos

Be a Superbowl Hero! The Quarterback can have every girl he want. What girl you want? A hot cheerleader? Take all – and enjoy the cybersex. In the chat rooms are more girls for your sexual adventures. One click to the 3D chat adult game and you are the Star Quarterback.

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Chathouse 3D SuperBowl 50
Be a Quarterback of one of the Superbowl Teams Broncos or Panthers and enjoy fantastic cybersex at chathouse 3d. The cheerleaders waiting...
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