Chathouse 3D Update – Chat & Community

Summary: All news and information about the latest update of the sex game Chathouse 3D. This time, everything revolves around the chat and the community. Some really good improvements have been implemented, e.g. Share videos and other content even easier.

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Chathouse 3D is more than just an erotic game, it's a completely animated 3D world – of course you're not alone. Sure, it's a multiplayer sex game with many other players, but a big advantage of porn is the community. Thousands of users are online around the clock, and like Facebook, you have your friends and acquaintances, can share, like and download content.

Enjoying the sex games online has more thrill when you do it together with other teammates. You get to know other preferences, different fantasies, your erotic horizon will expand. And while you fuck around on your own in other 3D sex games, Chathouse3D offers you a virtual world with real (sex) contacts. The community behind the erotic game makes Chathouse 3D unique.

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Chat feature

The chat feature is one of the most important parts of the community and the porn game, you communicate with your friends or directly in the separee if your live out your sexual fantasies. Initially, the thrixxx developers realized that with the community, they can offer gamers a kind of adult Facebook, a community of erotic and gaming where content is not banned for obscene photos or videos , Chat is a core part of the community and allows you to stay in touch with your friends or meet new players.

The update to the porn game

The latest update is about the community and the chat system. Much of the chat system has been completely redesigned and implemented some of the most requested community features. The update contains the following changes:

  • Revision of the basic chat system for better stability and performance
  • Direct video upload to your MyShares
  • Backup download of Chathouse 3D characters and custom rooms. (You will find the download in the help section of the lobby)
  • Chathouse 3D direct private messages in the game with message request
  • Chathouse 3D Right click on another character shows a menu with chat options Dice function in chat for games (Use: Send a message with "/ roll" for a random dice between 1-6 or "/ roll start number, endzahl" for a random dice number between start and end)
  • Me feature for special messages (use: send a message with "/ me does something" you get the message "[USERNAME] does something")
  • Friend and feature list in Chathouse 3D game chat
  • Admins and moderators are visibly marked in the list of users of the rooms
  • Limitations of maximum open chats have been removed


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Chathouse 3D Update – Chat & Community
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Chathouse 3D Update – Chat & Community
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