How do I get started Chathouse 3D ?

Now it´s time to start Chathouse 3D! The possibilities of the adult game are endless and you need time to try all options. Visit the chat room with roulette and get nice contacts with other players – you can chat, you flirt, you can fuck!

  1. First time you start your adult game Chathouse 3D you’ll be asked to name your own Avatar, please do so
  2. Now you have the choice. Either you click Play straight away, in this case you’ll be connected to another online player who will be chosen randomly, OR you click on Friends and in this case you can choose from your online friends who you added on your members area.
  3. You enter the Chathouse 3D and by moving the mouse and double-clicking on a certain point in the Chathouse you can have a look around and let your Avatar walk to the place you double-clicked on
  4. Please click on the top right hand corner on the Browser Icon to open your Menus to customize your Avatar, choose poses, set camera options and lots of more different settings to your liking. You also can accept poses your fellow partner invites you to join him with
How do I get started Chathouse 3D ?
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How do I get started Chathouse 3D ?
More Informations about starting Chathouse 3D - the best adult sex game at market. Enjoy Sex Chat Roulette!
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