Intermediate Update

Today, there is an intermediate update for Chathouse 3D for you today filled with some new features, some upgrades and some fixes. There is an interim update for the best of all porno games – Chathouse 3D. Some changes affect the control and graphics of the erotic game, others are concerned with the room editor and the ability to create spaces and objects. But see for yourself which changes the update holds for you.

The update includes the following points:


  • updated higher detail skin texture
  • better performance while walking with W/S/A/D keys
  • running with Shift + W/S/A/D keys
  • walking/running backwards with S key
  • flicking of far away Web-Normalmaps/Glossmaps fixed
  • ability to deactivate youtube videos in custom rooms in game start configuration
  • bugfix for facegen slider labels
  • start basic game tutorials from the help menu in the lobby
  • 16 people static grouproom (Beta Room – enable in automatch filters)

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RoomEditor (more Infos here):

  • multiselect objects and multi manipulation (Shift + Left Mouse Button) (Toggle with CTRL + Left Mouse Button)
  • disable walk collision for objects
  • building space expanded to 400 square meters
  • uniform scaling manipulator (white box in center of scaling tool)
  • building over the pool with correct walking
  • name field for objects
  • 'falling down' if you walk over the edge of a higher platform (Beta)

Start your Chathouse 3D now and take a look at all these new features!

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Intermediate Update
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Intermediate Update
All news and information about the sex game Chathouse 3D. A new interim update brings some new features and improvements concerning graphics, control and room editor. But even what exciting news there is for the porn game.
Chathouse 3D Sexgame
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