Neues Update für Chathouse 3D

Today we can introduce a new update to the porn game Chathouse 3D. Some content directly affects the game, some feature sim background – as in the latest update of the porn game. Radio and MP3 functions, team-play features and speed of sex play have all been improved. Short and sweet the new features:

New feature:

  • mp3 Web Radio ("Bluetooth Speaker" and "Bluetooth Radio")

Play .mp3 and .ogg streams from any http: // or https: // sources.

If you only have a .m3u file, please open it with a text editor and copy the first http: // link from it.

Chat Roulette Sex in 3D

BETA features:

  • up to 4 players can now simultaneously edit a room.

Right click on the room floor and select "Team Editing" to allow a specific player or * = all players in the room to edit.

Note: please avoid the undo / redo function in team mode as it also removes interim changes of all other players.

  • Game figures can now remain permanently visible in editor mode.

Open the camera settings, scroll to "figure" and set "Show characters in furniture edit mode" / "Always show characters in the setup editor".

  • Volume change for YT and Radio Streams (currently requires manual resetting of the link and unfortunately does not work permanently for video playlists)


  • Reduced memory consumption for still web textures and video walls (up to -80%)
  • improved loading speed and stability of the game client.
  • improved loading speed and stability of the game server.
  • Mirror sight distance adjustable (on the piece of furniture).
  • Numeric value display at the dance speed controller.
  • Maximum texture scaling increased to 64.

Chathouse 3D Roulette

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