Chathouse 3D Video Trailer

Often we become message from user, they don´t know what the fuck is Chathouse 3D. Now we have a video trailer of the best 3D caht adult game ever. Look at the customization and enjoy the possibilities – the models, the locations, the sexgame. if you want more, here we have the download link. The basic version ist free – yes, without money you can play Chathouse 3D, it´s no joke.

But now it´s your time – look the video, take the download, enjoy the game!

Chathouse 3D Shortcuts

Shortcuts make sense! And so, the best 3d adult chat game, we speaking about 3D Chathouse, have got many shortcuts to make the cybersey game faster and easier. Following, you see the list with als shortcuts by  Chathouse 3D. Enjoy the chat roulette, enjoy the chat sex, enjoy to play the cybersex game with players from all over the world. You want play Chathouse 3D? Look at the following link and get the download!


Generic interface shortcuts

  • Take a screenshot: Control-P
  • Toggle the browser panel: Tab
  • Open the pose panel: F1 (not available in voyeur mode)
  • Open the customizer panel: F2 (not available in voyeur mode)
  • Open the input modes panel: F3 (not available in voyeur mode)
  • Open the session information panel: F4
  • Open the settings panel: F5
  • Exit game: Esc


Video Pose shortcuts

  • Increase Speed: Numpad +
  • Decrease Speed: Numpad –
  • Next Loop: Numpad *
  • Previous Loop: Numpad /


Generic Camera shortcuts

  • Move left: Numpad 4
  • Move right: Numpad 6
  • Move forward: Numpad 8
  • Move backward: Numpad 2
  • Reset Camera: Control-R


Follow Camera shortcuts

  • Move up: Page Up
  • Move down: Page down


Free Camera shortcuts

  • Rotate left: Numpad 7
  • Rotate right: Numpad 9
  • Rotate up: Page Up
  • Rotate down: Page Down

Upload an Avatar to your Account

There are many questions about the upload of avatars into the own account. Reason: it´s new 1 Account for the adult games Sexvilla 2, Gogo 2 and the new cybersex revolution Chathouse 3D. So you can upload your avatar from Sexvilla 2 to Chathouse 3D. Here are the informations step by step how you can upload an avatar to your thriXXX Account.

  • Log into your Chathouse 3D account
  • Click on the top right hand corner on the Settings Icon (it looks like a Geer Wheel)
  • Click in the field Account Details on the Edit Button right next to Avatar
  • Click on the button Upload a picture choose one and click Open
  • Click on the button Save to save your changes
  • If you prefer to use a Gravatar instead of an Avatar, please enter the Gravatars (c) e-mail address and click now on the button Save

Adult Game Chathouse 3D online

Ladys and gentlement, we presenting – Chathouse 3D, the best adult sexgame ever. Long time we waitung but now it´s time for revolution. Enter the world of sexual fantasy and enjoy the sexgame free. Look at the chat and flirt with million of people all over the world – and have sex! Chathouse 3D will enable you to have virtual sex with REAL sex-mates connected to the internet and chat roulette – and I´m sure, this will be the new dimension of Chat Adult Games! This is a new level of cybersex and u can be a part of it.

Here is the Download!

Create a model

Cybersex needs a model, your avatar. Now it´s time to create your own model and it´s time to open a new world – the world of models. It´s fantastic what you can do with your model – changing her body, her clothes, her character. Step by step you can create your dream girl and have cybersex. Here you get a list with all options you can do – try out and conquer the 3d world of Chathouse 3d.

Start your game Chathouse 3D, choose your character and start playing.

  • Click on the Browser icon on the top right hand corner:
  • Click on the Customizer Tab (fifth tab/button on the top – looks like a Pad with a Pen)
  • Here you have the options to customize the mood of your character, body parts, outfits and also create a profile fitting your model

Your character will stay with your set customization till you change it again. Now enjoy the possibilities of Chathouse 3D and make your dreams true. Conquer the chat room and have scandalous cybersex with other players.

  1. Mood – This is the basic emotion you set for this character. By clicking on the icon ‘Mood’ you can open the drop-down window of the Facial Expression. Click on one to change the mood
  2. Face – Here you can modify with the sliders the age, facial features, brows, cheekbones, eyes, head, mouth, etc.
  3. Make up – Choose your favourite make up by using the sliders for the most detailed Eye Makeup and Lips
  4. Eye, Eyebrow, Eyelash: With these tools you can customize Eye color, Eyebrow shape and color, Eyelash shape and color
  5. Freckles – Choose if, how many and what color your freckles should be
  6. Teeth – Choose the type and perfection of your models teeth
  7. Hair – Select different hairstyles, hair color and shininess
  8. Beard – Here you can choose different beard types, change the color and visibility
  9. Body – Vary the characters skin-color and amount of muscles
  10. Breast – You can modify every part and muscle of the chest with the sliders
  11. Fingernail – Choose the length, roundness, shininess and type of your nails
  12. Toenail – Choose a color and visibility for your nail polish
  13. Genitals – Select the color/color intensity of the glans and your penis; choose a pubic hair style, color and visibility
  14. Outfit – Here you have a wardrobe of different, tops, pants, shoes, underwear etc.
  15. Outfit Details – Create your personalized outfit by changing the colors and patterns of the outfit
  16. Profile – Add life into your character by creating a detailed profile; Name, Age, Occupation, Personal Status, Nationality etc.

Black screen by 3D Chathouse start

Sometimes you can have problems by starting Chathouse 3D. But don´t worry – we have tips for you. Enjoy the adult sex game in 3D. The fantastic 3D World is awaiting – join in und you´ll love the game. Inclusive chat room, nice contacts, 3D Sex and all of your fantasies.

Please do the following steps if you get a black screen when starting Chathouse 3D:

  • Go to the Microsoft link:
  • Download the full version of DirectX 9c, EVEN if you have a newer version of DirectX already installed on your PC, please install the FULL version of DirectX 9c
  • After downloading this package, extract the files into a folder on your PC and then run DXSetup.exe to complete the installation process
  • Please start Chathouse 3D again

How do I get started Chathouse 3D ?

Now it´s time to start Chathouse 3D! The possibilities of the adult game are endless and you need time to try all options. Visit the chat room with roulette and get nice contacts with other players – you can chat, you flirt, you can fuck!

  1. First time you start your adult game Chathouse 3D you’ll be asked to name your own Avatar, please do so
  2. Now you have the choice. Either you click Play straight away, in this case you’ll be connected to another online player who will be chosen randomly, OR you click on Friends and in this case you can choose from your online friends who you added on your members area.
  3. You enter the Chathouse 3D and by moving the mouse and double-clicking on a certain point in the Chathouse you can have a look around and let your Avatar walk to the place you double-clicked on
  4. Please click on the top right hand corner on the Browser Icon to open your Menus to customize your Avatar, choose poses, set camera options and lots of more different settings to your liking. You also can accept poses your fellow partner invites you to join him with

Install Chathouse 3D

You want cybersex with other players all over the world? Sweet asian teens, nice european girls or scandalous american college girls – look at chat sex at the best adult game!

The Download Link you get in some days. Enjoy the adult game, enjoy cybersex and enjoy contacts with players whose looking for same as you.


Here are step for step the installation of Chathouse 3D:

  1. Log into members area (Link you get in some days) and click on the button thriXXX Launcher on the top of the screen
  2. Download and install the thriXXX Launcher following the instructions
  3. Once you started the thriXXX Launcher you see different tiles. Please click/highlight the tile Chathouse 3D and click Install. You’ll be asked to read and accept the TOS, please do so by scrolling to the bottom and click Accept
  4. After the game download was successful, please click in the thriXXX Launcher on the button Start game
  5. The adult game Chathouse 3D will start automatically, you will not have to sign in again (as you have to do for example with 3D SexVilla 2) as you already signed into the thriXXX Launcher.

It´s simple to install Chathouse 3D and now enjoy the best adult sexgame at market. Look at endless possbilities and create your own sexy 3D Model. Visit sex chat roulette and firt with other players – it´s your time!