The Chathouse 3D Lobby

The Chathouse 3D lobby is where you choose your character and hookup with quick matches. Here begins the sex game, here you create your character and thus your public face in the erotic games. Try around a bit, play with the possibilities and see for yourself what Chathouse 3D has to offer.

Sexgames Chathouse 3D Lobby

  1. Your personal info
  2. Settings. Edit your info and other stuff.
  3. Your current character
  4. Go to the Change Character screen
  5. Click the Friends button to auto-match
  6. Language selection
  7. Gender preference to find a hookup with
  8. Do you want invisible people watching you?
  9. Country preference to find a hookup with
  10. Change your looks, outfits and character stuff
  11. Enough of this. Let's chat and fuck!

Chathouse 3D Roulette

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