Valentinsupdate Chathouse 3D

It’s Valentine’s Day again and you forgot it again? No problem, we have the solution!

Here’s the plan: First you decorate your Chathouse Villa with fresh flowers, but we have some red roses in a beautiful black vase, a bunch of tulips and some pretty lillies for you. Then lay out some single red roses on the floor and bed to show the way. And finally, before you send the invitation to your nicely decorated home, send a few XFlowers with the new community widget. If you do not get laid, we do not know that either.

Take a look at the new XFlowers widget in your profile. You can collect flowers from all your lovers and / or lovers and see who sent you some. Also visit the profiles of your friends and send them some love! You can also disable the widget on the settings page.

Browse the Chathouse 3D Shop and take a closer look at this brand new content!

Happy Valentine with Chathouse 3D!

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