Cybersex with Vstroker

Cybersex with Vstroker in Chathouse 3D

Use Vstroker to experience the new dimension of interactive Cybersex! If you connect Vstroker with a Fleshlight, you can fuck horny 3D sluts in hyperrealistic 3D Chat Adult Game or in interactive porn movies (especially created for Vstroker) live and in real-time. The Vstroker will transmit every penetration of your Fleshlight wirelessly to your computer, so that you will be able control the horny action.

Thanks to the Vstroker device interactive Cybersex will be more realistic and lifelike than ever before – let your wildest fantasies come true and have cybersex with virtual versions of amazing pornstars like the horny Julia Herz! Our recommendation: If you visit the website Julia Herz 3D you can download the free version of the legendary 3D Sexvilla 2 erotic simulation game. The great thing is – if you download 3D Sexvilla 2 from the mentioned website you will get the pleasure to fuck the virtual avatar of beautiful Julia Herz. And if you should be in the mood for some tasteful variety, you can have interactive sex many other horny 3D sluts, too. 3D Sexvilla 2 is a firstclass sex simulation game – many user say it´s the best interactive erotic game ever created. You will be thrilled by the lifelike animations and the countless amazing features! The game can be controlled with your PC´s mouse and keyboard, but only by using the Fleshlight + Vstroker combination you can really exploit all the possibilities this amazing sex simulation has to offer. Each time you fuck your Fleshlight the Vstroker will transmit your thrusts directly to your computer – so you can take the 3D sluts to the climax in real-time.

Cybersex with Vstroker and Fleshlight

You can find more detailed information about the functioning of these amazing devices here. There you can order the Vstroker directly – either individually or combined with a Fleshlight (the Fleshlight is an artificial pussy and the best-selling sextoy for men worldwide).

Important: Vstroker only works with original Fleshlights. By the way, it´s totally easy to connect the Vstroker to your Fleshlight: You only have to unscrew the end cap of your Fleshlight and to screw on the Vstroker cap. Then plug in the Vstroker USB dongle into your USB port (the Vstroker and the USB dongle will be automatically detected by your computer when you launch the video). When the Vstroker sits on your Fleshlight you can control the porn you are watching (if the content is Vstroker enabled). Each time you stroke your Fleshlight the girl in the video (or the 3D chat adult game) gets fucked at the same speed – believe us, this is much better than just watching a porn movie!

Our tip: On the Fleshlight Page you can find many Fleshlights based on the original pussys of famous pornstars. Visit Vstroker and you will find a great selection of interactive porn movies especially created to be controlled with the Vstroker device. Download the videos with your favorite erotic-stars and fuck beautiful girls like Lisa Ann or Ash Hollywood. Nearly all sexual practices are possible. Thanks to Vstroker you can let your dirtiest fantasies come true – the horniest sluts will be ready and willing to get screwed by you. Fuck the most beautiful porn stars whenever you want to – Cybersex has never been more realistic and lifelike! The Fleshlight and Vstroker combo promises an interactive sex experience that will blow your mind – it´s as close to sex as you are going to get without actually having real sex. Order your personal Vstroker right now “here”!

Cybersex with Pornstars

Vstroker Review

Get Vstroker – the most advanced virtual sex system in the world! Use this amazing sex toy and have interactive sex like it´s for real – check it out!

If you´re searching for the ultimate erotic kick we highly recommend Vstroker – it´s a sophisticated device that conveys all of your motions to the sex game you are playing on your computer. If you use the Vstroker in combination with a Fleshlight (a very popular sex toy for man, a kind of artificial vagina to replicate the feeling of having penetrative sex), you can fuck the horny 3D Models in games like 3D Sexvilla 2, Hentai 3D 2 or 3D Chathouse and many other interactive erotic games in real-time! Believe us, Cyber-sex can´t get closer to reality! The Vstroker itself easily connects to your computer via USB. You don´t need to install any software or drivers, the computer will automatically detect the Vstroker device if you use any content available in the Vstroker members area. If you own a Vstroker you can finally play amazing 3D Sex games like Chathouse 3D the way they were really intended to be experienced! Move your Fleshlight up and down to fuck the horny cyber-sluts on your PC (by the way, Vstroker works with many other kinds of stroker devices, too) – this amazing and very easy to use sex toy enables you to control the action in real time! This USB powered device allows you to live out all your dirty erotic fantasies and to have perfect Cybersex – you actually feel what the virtual avatars feel on your screen!

Important hint: If you already own a Fleshlight, you can also buy a Vstroker only (it´s got a special attachment to connect it to the Fleshlight). Otherwise you can order the so-called “Fleshlight Package” – a combination of Vstroker and the highly successful Pink Lady Fleshlight sex toy.Buy Vstroker right now and experience the most realistic 3D Cybersex ever!

The Vstroker is the most amazing virtual sex system (male masturbator) that we’ve ever seen! It’s a cybersex virtual reality sex machine and a fantastic 3D sexsimultor. This USB Vstroker powered toy allows you to have real virtual sex . Many 3D interactive computer games software lets you interact. Simulates what stimulates !
Also works with Chathouse 3D, 3D Sexvilla 2, Hentai 3D 2 and 3DGayvilla 2!

The Vstroker and software lets you enjoy cybersex like its never been experienced before, and it’s so easy! Your virtual reality sex machine uses Plug and Play technology, making it very user-friendly. Even the most novice computer user will have it up and running in only minutes for exciting cybersex!

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