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Play 3D Sexgames

Selecting a charakter at Chathouse 3D

The character creation screen is accessable from the Main Lobby. This is where you create a base character type for a new character. Customizing the details of the character (hair, clothes, face, etc) are done in-game. Select the character that you want to change to. The highlighted one is the current selection. You will still […]

Adult 3D Games

The Chathouse 3D Lobby

The Chathouse 3D lobby is where you choose your character and hookup with quick matches. Here begins the sex game, here you create your character and thus your public face in the erotic games. Try around a bit, play with the possibilities and see for yourself what Chathouse 3D has to offer. Your personal info […]

3D Sexgames

New 3D Sex Trends

Summary: Cybersex is more than just porn games in 3D. Whether sex toys, VR glasses or mobile apps – the future holds some exciting, erotic innovations ready. In the following article we look at the latest 3D sex trends. Table of Contents VR glasses as cybersex innovations Toys with app control Haptic transmission "Sextoy to […]

Chathouse 3D – Universal Objects Update

We got awesome news for all location creators and RoomEdit lovers in Chathouse 3D! With the recent update you now have a nice pack of basic shape objects available with extended edit features and customizable textures to help you bulid anything you can imagine! Additional you can now also use URLs in picturewalls. Chathouse […]

RoomEditor Update

We're proud to introduce the Room Editor, a new feature opening up a whole new level of customization in Chathouse 3D, one of the best Sexgames ever. With the Room Editor you are now able to create your own custom location setups and invite others to your self-created home. Add, Remove, Change and Move furniture […]

Beta Test RoomEdit

RoomEdit Free Beta Chathouse 3D

We are happy to announce the start of the free BETA-Program for the Chathouse 3D Room Editor today. This FREE BETA is open for all users who signed up before 2016-05-02. Take part in the BETA-Program by visiting and log in with your normal To start the Beta-Launcher please go to, download […]

Enjoy the better graphics and lights

Chathouse 3D Update

Now it´s time for a BIG update for Chathouse 3D. The all new Chathouse 3D version 1.5! You can now update your games in the Launcher for free and see all the new enhancements made for this new version. At first: YES, thrixxx is on the right way and the version 1.5 is much better […]

Cybersex with Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift in Sex Game

As the days go by and as the Oculus Rift release approaches, more and more developers are popping up looking at creating some of the first Virtual adult games for the Oculus. One of these developers is Australian based ThriXXX.   Thrixx project, Chathouse3D, is well in the works and looks pretty decent. Click here to […]

Short Keys - Chat Roulette 3D

Chathouse 3D keyboard shortcuts

      Generic interface shortcuts Take a screenshot: Control-P Toggle the browser panel: Tab Open the pose panel: F1 (not available in voyeur mode) Open the customizer panel: F2 (not available in voyeur mode) Open the input modes panel: F3 (not available in voyeur mode) Open the session information panel: F4 Open the settings […]

Customizing your Avatar

In the Lobby of Chathouse 3D Roulette you can click on ‘Customize Character’. Now you will arrive in a separate private room to have all the time you favor to modify your character to your liking – without other users jumping into your room before you finished customizing your Avatar. Enjoy the customizing and fill […]