Chathouse 3D Update

Premium Features Update

Chathouse Sexgame

Every day the community for the best porn game Chathouse 3D is growing worldwide. Reason enough to provide new and improved community features and features online. This gives you even more fun with your friends and affairs, exchange videos and photos, or get to know new contacts. The makers of the erotic play have packed a nice collection of long desired features and technical improvements with new cool features which are still in work. The following list is therefore only a small start shot for major developments.

Keep the premium features ready for you:     

  • Removing all advertising inserts     
  • Smartphone optimized chat and XStream pages     
  • Extended list of Emojis for Chat and XStream with 2500+ Emojis     
  • VIP award on your profile picture     
  • Access to all Hentai Pix sets     
  • Priority support     
  • Choose your own password     
  • Change your nickname up to 3x     
  • 5x Higher chance of a Lucky Code on every purchase

If you have fun and love this community, the Premium Feature Upgrade is the best way to get the most out of it.

Porn Games in 3D

In bed with Angelina Jolie

Chathouse Sexgame

Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest women on the planet. Although Brangelina is now past, the possibility of having sex with her is vanishing. Or not?

Porn Games like Chathouse 3D or the predecessors, the interactive 3D Erotic Game Sexvilla 2, make it possible with whomever you want to have sex. The Avatar is the central part of the porn games you can customize to your own taste. Whether the neighbor from opposite, the girlfriend of your best mate – or just Angelina Jolie, you can follow them to live human beings – and then have horny, taboo-sex with them.

The following trailer is about Angeline Jolie. A player of Sexvilla 2 has chosen as she plays slender and a la Tomb Raider after. It gives you a taste of everything – and your fantasies are endless. Sex with Angelina Jolie? Get Chathouse 3D and fuck the hot lude rin of the villa properly. And, with the mouth, a man would think of quite different things …

Sexgames - Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D Setup to Fuck

Chathouse Sexgame

What can we say? Enjoy the show – it would be wet! In this trailer you can see, how to setup to fuck. How you can use the Chathouse Roulette, how you can use the Avatar-Settings (Figure, Face, Clothes) and how you can use Sexpositions and Moves. It´s only a short Youtube Video (2:33 Min), but a nice way for a first look.

You wanna know more? Here is the link!

Free Chat Adult Game

1.500 XCoins for FREE (Newsletter Receiver)

Chathouse Sexgame

15 Years ago, the developer of sex game Chathouse 3D were sitting together talking about ideas and the future. Worked in a company where realtime software development was one of their main focuses. So they kept on brainstorming when suddenly one said that they are all very skilled in simulating stuff, they should simulate sex. This was the hour of birth of 3D Slut, 3D SexVilla, Chathouse 3D and all the other games and products we all love.

Now it´s time to say Thanks for support over the last 15 years. Claim your FREE 1.500 XCoins (valid until 01/31/2017)

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Sensation in next time - Escort Service at Chathouse 3D

Cybersex Games

RoomEdit Contest 2016

Chathouse Sexgame

Hey Players of Chathouse 3D and 3D Sexvilla 2,
the #RoomEditContest2016 is finished and wow – you are the best! Look at the Community and the results, it´s fantastic to see what you have done.


Here are the winners of 2016

  • 3rd place and 5.000 XCoins goes to @Alefz
  • 2nd place and 10.000 XCoins goes to @katusumi
  • 1st place and 15.000 XCoins goes to @Sandrinette

Meet up with friends or randomly chosen players, dress up, chat, laugh, walk around and/or seduce each other for hot sexual encounters. Do what every your heart desires!

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Chathouse 3D News

Chathouse 3D Halloween Update

Chathouse Sexgame

Are you ready for some sexy trick or treat or just into the scary stuff? Then you should take a look into our new special Halloween decorations for your Chathouse 3D Rooms!

RoomEditor Update

Chathouse Sexgame

Room Editor Chathouse 3D

We're proud to introduce the Room Editor, a new feature opening up a whole new level of customization in Chathouse 3D, one of the best Sexgames ever.

With the Room Editor you are now able to create your own custom location setups and invite others to your self-created home.

Add, Remove, Change and Move furniture like you wish or get new furniture right from the shop. All furniture is interchangeable between all rooms, you can place what ever you want into your own custom location, as long as it fits in space.

The update includes:

  • Room Editor Mode
  • New Furniture for all rooms
  • Casual Outfits

You have got a nice set of tutorials so you can start with your own custom room right away. Look at your thrixxx Account for more informations – and now enjoy Cybersex with Chathouse 3D.


Chathouse 3D Roulette

Beta Test RoomEdit

RoomEdit Free Beta Chathouse 3D

Chathouse Sexgame

We are happy to announce the start of the free BETA-Program for the Chathouse 3D Room Editor today. This FREE BETA is open for all users who signed up before 2016-05-02.

Take part in the BETA-Program by visiting and log in with your normal To start the Beta-Launcher please go to, download and install the thriXXX Game Launcher from this site (this doesn't affect your normal thriXXX Game Launcher).

After installing and starting the Beta-Launcher, you can install Chathouse 3D again, this will not affect your normal Chathouse 3D game. You are now free to test the RoomEdit Mode of the new version including all new furniture. There is also a new tutorial included which helps you with the first steps in the RoomEdit Mode.

In case you find bugs or you think something is not working as you expect it, please use the report button in the launcher. If you don't get this far, use the report on . Thank you for taking part in this and helping us to improve our products.


Chathouse 3D Roulette

Enjoy the Goth Girls

Goth Girls are coming

Chathouse Sexgame

There is nothing quite like Goth girls who dress up in all black, dye their hair, put on crazy makeup and wear all kinds of unique outfits. These girls will definitely catch your attention, and may even draw you into their dark world. A female who usually has pale skin. Sometimes has black or red dyed hair, dark eyeliner, black fingernails, black clothes, spiked hair such as Liberty spikes, body piercings such as flesh tunnels, and chains worn as jewelry. Styles are often borrowed from the Elizabethans and Victorians. She is usally intrested in things of a dark a morbid and mysterious nature such as: gothic art, gothic music, cemeteries, the subject of death, creatures of the night (bats, owls etc.), vampires, and gothic architecture.

Beware! The Vampire Girls are coming up so dress up with this dark outfits to celebrate the night of the witches. In case you're not into this kind of stuff, it's still a good opportunity to clear some sexy wiccas on the loose!  Enjoy the new content update of Chatghouse 3D and have greatful sex with Goth Girls.

The update includes:

  • Skull Top for girls
  • Leather Midi Skirt for girls
  • Leather Boots for girls
  • Spike Necklace for girls
  • Rivet Bracelet for girls
  • Leather Top for boys
  • Leather Pants for boys
  • 2 types of Leather Boots for boys
  • Rivet Necklace for boys
  • Spike Bracelet for boys

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Fantastic Cybersex with Chathouse 3D

Content Update – Dances

Chathouse Sexgame

It´s an epic question: How to seduce a girl? Parties, Dancing, a drink – and the stone is rolling. Chathouse 3D gives you an exclusive Villa for your exclusive Party. The girls are there, drinks are there – and now here is last round of dances & accessories updates for Chathouse 3D! 

The update includes:

  • Macarena dance
  • Samba dance
  • Swing dance
  • Twist dance
  • 4x new watches

Chathouse 3D Roulette