New 3D Sex Trends

Summary: Cybersex is more than just porn games in 3D. Whether sex toys, VR glasses or mobile apps – the future holds some exciting, erotic innovations ready. In the following article we look at the latest 3D sex trends.

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VR glasses as cybersex innovations

In principle, the VR glasses are the mother of all cybersex innovations. Because when computer gamers can plunge into virtual realities, to go there on alien hunt or race with the sports car through the city, it is also an entrance into an erotic cyberspace possible.

Began the erotic revival of VR glasses in pornography. So it has been possible for years to watch porno films as if they were themselves in the space of the actors. With such a visual experience can not keep up with ordinary 3D glasses, especially since the domestic television would be only very suitable for this as a rule.

3D Sex Innovations

The possibilities of VR glasses are many

With the necessary additional devices, you can become part of what's happening in virtual reality, so be active in it. On the market there are numerous products in very different quality and at correspondingly different prices. So here again the budget and demand question arises.

If you want to use the VR glasses only now and then for erotic moments, maybe just a cheap entry-level model. Maybe you want to use them (by the way) but also for "normal" video games on the game console? Then it might be worthwhile to dig deeper into your pocket.

Your smartphone can also become VR glasses

But it is simply installed in the front of the glasses: Eyeglass lenses are not needed anyway, but a high-resolution display. And that is what most smartphones of the newer generation have. Then you need only the appropriate software and a good connection to the net, your virtual adventures is nothing in the way.

An example of such "assembled" VR glasses is the Samsung VR Gear. In any case, a Samsung VR Gear data glasses are needed, which can then be combined with a

  • the Samsung Galaxy Note,
  • the Galaxy S4
  • or the Galaxy Edge

becomes VR glasses.

Porn movies for your VR glasses can be found at "Virtualrealporn" and the streaming service "PornHub". In both cases, there are some costs to you, but if the result is worthwhile …?

Toys with app control

Ordinary sextoys were yesterday. Of course you do not have to put your dildo and vibrator collection in the bin, but against some cybersex innovations or Teledildonics these sex toys just can not keep up. Because now your smartphone becomes a real accomplice in terms of desire and passion.

But do not worry, this is not about any bizarre stories around the vibration alarm of the cell phone, on the contrary. You should keep the smartphone safely in your hand, because with it you control a sex toy of your partner or your partner. For this to work remotely, of course, you both have to own a smartphone with a matching app. Already nothing stands in the way of cybersex fun.

Play Chathouse 3D

Sextoys from the series "We-Vibe" or "Vibratissimo", for example, are already available for relatively little money, but allow completely new adventures. Because while you (or woman!) Usually know how the own vibrator behaves in which setting, here remains a pleasurable element of surprise. Of course you can call or chat with each other during these pleasurable moments, which provides an extra kick.

What will the future bring? In addition to the sextoys already available today, such as vibrator or masturbator with app control, more cybersex innovations are sure to hit the market. Sure, it will not be long before you can control fucking machines remotely. And probably product developers have long been working on the strapon alternative, which is operated via smartphone.

Haptic transmission "Sextoy to Sextoy"

Even more intense and realistic than remote control of a sextoy via smartphone is, of course, the direct transmission of body movements. In other words, the partner's vibrator can be controlled with real bumps into a masturbator far more emotionally intense than via a finger on the touchscreen. Moreover, it is no longer a one-sided affair, in which only the woman is physically satisfied.

Simultaneous camchat makes this form of erotic interaction even more pleasurable, as you can now see, hear and feel at the same time. Mind you, this is not fiction, but already today reality. And numerous couples, who lead a long-distance relationship, praise the necessary technology in the highest tones.

It would be a nice development if the toys used could be individually shaped. Since this has long been a reality, especially with ordinary dildos, it should also be feasible for this niche of cybersex innovations. You may be curious what the Kiiroo manufacturer will soon conjure up out of the hat – or whether a new competitor takes on this matter.

Incidentally, there are already sensors and vibrators that can be attached to other parts of the body in order to be able to feel each other even better in cybersex. While not everything is being marketed in the form of concrete sex toys, development is progressing.

Interactive 3D sex games in virtual reality

Almost everyone will probably have their own niche in pornography that actually turns them on. And that certainly also applies to those who are skeptical of the frivolous games.

But slowly comes the topic of eroticism out of the dirty corner, not least by "Shades of Gray". No wonder then that there are further developments here, which adapts to the new time and the technical possibilities.

Because, as innovative adult games such as Chathouse 3D many action movie now run out of rank, the trend is also seen in pornography.

Free Chathouse Download

One of the best porn games is Chat House 3D. Sure, the 3D models are animated and programmed, yet you are a real part of the scenery. This also means: You are the scriptwriter, the director, the stage and make-up artist and also a performer in your very own porn. With specially adapted sextoys like the "Fleshlight VStroker", the experience becomes even more realistic for you.

Because not only your virtual playmates can satisfy themselves with the cybersex innovations with sextoys-

With this masturbator, it feels like you're actually fucking the girls. The movements of your sex partner from cyberspace you can influence so with your bumps into the masturbator.

Currently, the developers are working hard to ensure that you can meet real people in cyberspace to have sex with each other. The first approaches are already in place today – and the future will provide plenty of surprising cybersex innovations here.

Cybersex suit

The Cybersex suit already developed there gives its wearer an optic, which lies somewhere between Windsurfer and Robocop. It takes extraordinary preferences to find the cybersex suit outwardly sexy. His inner life, however, has it all!

With various sensors and vibrators, masturbator and VR glasses spread all over the body, is this suit the epitome (or coronation?) Of cybersex innovation. Two connected wearers of these suits can see, hear and feel each other what sex really feels almost real.

Play Sex Games

To this day, there seems to be no way in Europe to buy this suit. However, the technology already works today and will, of course, be further developed in the future. Cybersex suits, which combine a variety of cybersex innovations, are already considered must-have of the future.

And definitely, many designers will look at the subject and develop new suits that are not only functional but also really sexy.

Chathouse 3D Update – Chat & Community

Summary: All news and information about the latest update of the sex game Chathouse 3D. This time, everything revolves around the chat and the community. Some really good improvements have been implemented, e.g. Share videos and other content even easier.

Table of Contents


Chathouse 3D is more than just an erotic game, it's a completely animated 3D world – of course you're not alone. Sure, it's a multiplayer sex game with many other players, but a big advantage of porn is the community. Thousands of users are online around the clock, and like Facebook, you have your friends and acquaintances, can share, like and download content.

Enjoying the sex games online has more thrill when you do it together with other teammates. You get to know other preferences, different fantasies, your erotic horizon will expand. And while you fuck around on your own in other 3D sex games, Chathouse3D offers you a virtual world with real (sex) contacts. The community behind the erotic game makes Chathouse 3D unique.

erotic games

Chat feature

The chat feature is one of the most important parts of the community and the porn game, you communicate with your friends or directly in the separee if your live out your sexual fantasies. Initially, the thrixxx developers realized that with the community, they can offer gamers a kind of adult Facebook, a community of erotic and gaming where content is not banned for obscene photos or videos , Chat is a core part of the community and allows you to stay in touch with your friends or meet new players.

The update to the porn game

The latest update is about the community and the chat system. Much of the chat system has been completely redesigned and implemented some of the most requested community features. The update contains the following changes:

  • Revision of the basic chat system for better stability and performance
  • Direct video upload to your MyShares
  • Backup download of Chathouse 3D characters and custom rooms. (You will find the download in the help section of the lobby)
  • Chathouse 3D direct private messages in the game with message request
  • Chathouse 3D Right click on another character shows a menu with chat options Dice function in chat for games (Use: Send a message with "/ roll" for a random dice between 1-6 or "/ roll start number, endzahl" for a random dice number between start and end)
  • Me feature for special messages (use: send a message with "/ me does something" you get the message "[USERNAME] does something")
  • Friend and feature list in Chathouse 3D game chat
  • Admins and moderators are visibly marked in the list of users of the rooms
  • Limitations of maximum open chats have been removed


Chathouse 3D Roulette

What does the porn game Chathouse 3D cost?

Summary: Chathouse 3D is one of the most popular porn games in Germany. The interactive sexgame is available as a free download and as a paid version. But what exactly does the erotic game cost?

Table of Contents

  1. What awaits you with Chathouse 3D?
  2. What is free?
  3. What content does the full version have?
  4. What are XCoins?

What awaits you with Chathouse 3D?

Chathouse 3D is a porn game, the first interactive multiplayer sex simulation game, the software company thriXXX. In the 3D Erotic game you can move freely in a fully animated virtual world and get to know the avatars of other players. Not only can you chat and win new (erotic) contacts from around the world, you can even have real-time interactive cybersex with other players' avatars! The fantastic animations are incredibly lifelike. In the fascinating world of Chathouse 3D you can live out your most secret sex fantasies in a virtual environment without restraint.

Cybersex with 3D Chathouse

What is free?

The basic version of the porn game is completely free – but limited. So there is a kind of censorship, with which you can not see the nasty details and you play FSK16. Likewise, you only have a certain selection of sex positions, items, furniture and rooms to choose from, as well as the technical features with which you can rotate and edit videos. The free version of the sex game is very well suited to give you a first impression and to see if Chathouse3D is super skin for you – the free version is enough for that. If you then more content such as sex positions, censorship-lifting, avatars, items ect. If you want to, you can simply buy them and unlock them in the online shop.

Porn Games in 3D

What content does the full version have?

However, the game makes fun only in the uncensored full version. Then you benefit not only from fully uncensored hardcore sex, but also from all sorts of other benefits – here you can see the benefits of the full version at a glance:

  • No more censorship – 100% hardcore sex after age check!
  • Extra poses for sex on bed, chair or table.
  • Whole new injection poses such. Fuck.
  • More styling possibilities (hairstyles, breasts, nipples, beards, vagina form, fingernails, facial modification etc.).
  • Larger clothing selection (lingerie, shoes, stockings, panties, sexy tops).
  • Watch others in voyeur mode.
  • Listen to other players and talk to them (Voice over IP).
  • Make Screenshots!
  • You have much more storage available, e.g. for 3D Models & Outfits.

Take this great opportunity and get to know the uncensored full version of Chathouse 3D Roulette – experience the future of interactive cybersex today!

Chat Sex in 3D

What are XCoins?

XCoins are a virtual currency used in the thriXXX Games. With the XCoins, you can extend all games launched via the thriXXX Launcher – that is, you can unlock a variety of new content, e.g. new models, new sex positions & poses, clothes and sex toys etc.

1,000 XCoins cost 1.98 euros. The more XCoins you buy, the cheaper they will be – for example, 3,000 XCoins cost only 4.98 euros, 7,000 XCoins only 9.98 euros, 50,000 XCoins only 49.98 euros, etc.

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Neues Update für Chathouse 3D

Today we can introduce a new update to the porn game Chathouse 3D. Some content directly affects the game, some feature sim background – as in the latest update of the porn game. Radio and MP3 functions, team-play features and speed of sex play have all been improved. Short and sweet the new features:

New feature:

  • mp3 Web Radio ("Bluetooth Speaker" and "Bluetooth Radio")

Play .mp3 and .ogg streams from any http: // or https: // sources.

If you only have a .m3u file, please open it with a text editor and copy the first http: // link from it.

Chat Roulette Sex in 3D

BETA features:

  • up to 4 players can now simultaneously edit a room.

Right click on the room floor and select "Team Editing" to allow a specific player or * = all players in the room to edit.

Note: please avoid the undo / redo function in team mode as it also removes interim changes of all other players.

  • Game figures can now remain permanently visible in editor mode.

Open the camera settings, scroll to "figure" and set "Show characters in furniture edit mode" / "Always show characters in the setup editor".

  • Volume change for YT and Radio Streams (currently requires manual resetting of the link and unfortunately does not work permanently for video playlists)


  • Reduced memory consumption for still web textures and video walls (up to -80%)
  • improved loading speed and stability of the game client.
  • improved loading speed and stability of the game server.
  • Mirror sight distance adjustable (on the piece of furniture).
  • Numeric value display at the dance speed controller.
  • Maximum texture scaling increased to 64.

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Intermediate Update

Today, there is an intermediate update for Chathouse 3D for you today filled with some new features, some upgrades and some fixes. There is an interim update for the best of all porno games – Chathouse 3D. Some changes affect the control and graphics of the erotic game, others are concerned with the room editor and the ability to create spaces and objects. But see for yourself which changes the update holds for you.

The update includes the following points:


  • updated higher detail skin texture
  • better performance while walking with W/S/A/D keys
  • running with Shift + W/S/A/D keys
  • walking/running backwards with S key
  • flicking of far away Web-Normalmaps/Glossmaps fixed
  • ability to deactivate youtube videos in custom rooms in game start configuration
  • bugfix for facegen slider labels
  • start basic game tutorials from the help menu in the lobby
  • 16 people static grouproom (Beta Room – enable in automatch filters)

3D Chat Adult Games

RoomEditor (more Infos here):

  • multiselect objects and multi manipulation (Shift + Left Mouse Button) (Toggle with CTRL + Left Mouse Button)
  • disable walk collision for objects
  • building space expanded to 400 square meters
  • uniform scaling manipulator (white box in center of scaling tool)
  • building over the pool with correct walking
  • name field for objects
  • 'falling down' if you walk over the edge of a higher platform (Beta)

Start your Chathouse 3D now and take a look at all these new features!

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Chathouse 3D – Universal Objects Update

We got awesome news for all location creators and RoomEdit lovers in Chathouse 3D! With the recent update you now have a nice pack of basic shape objects available with extended edit features and customizable textures to help you bulid anything you can imagine!

Additional you can now also use URLs in picturewalls.

New Porno Games Update

Chathouse 3D update details

  • Universal Objects I Bundle (12 basic shapes)
  • Picturewalls now also allow URLs with interaction (not clickable in editor mode)
  • Basic Camera Control is now the same as the Editors Camera in the RoomEditor due to popular demand
  • Location-Bloom setting is working again
  • Fixed multiple performance bugs
  • Camera limit for looking up and down to prevent 'flipping'

Here you can find a set with example materials for the universal objects If you want to create your own materials you can find a set of Photoshop files with the UV coordinates here.

Browse the Chathouse 3D Shop here and take a closer look at this brand new content! We wish you a lot of fun with this new update!

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Hyperbeast & Furniture Update

For a long time, little has happened at Chathouse 3D, but in the run-up to Christmas new updates are falling under the Christmas tree. Two pieces have been put online in the last few days: Hyperbeast and furniture update.

In the Hyperbeast update, new clothes for women and men were made available to you, which you can buy as usual in the Online Shop of Chathouse 3D. Shoes, pants, jackets, tops – the makers of thixxx have neatly padded ran.

Especially users who are new to a porn game like Chathouse 3D ask themselves the question: What should I do with clothes in a sex game? Well, Chathouse 3D is more than just a 3D sex game – it gives you a completely animated 3D world in which you can move freely. You can use this 3D world to live out your (secret fantasies) – and in these fantasies the little details play a big role, like the clothing.

New Clothes for 3D Chathouse

In your sex fantasies, the characters have a specific role that is naturally expressed by clothes. Teacher, housewife, craftsman, student, business woman or jogger – only through the clothes they get the right image to your imagination and decorate the role.  

It's the same with furniture. They decorate the location for your sexual fantasy only really. Where can a teacher fuck better than on her desk? Where can the housewife give you a better blowjob than in the kitchen? Think about how many small details in your sex fantasies occur. Without them, it would just be an empty room without atmosphere. The online store offers you more than enough clothing, items, sex toys and sex positions to fully live out your fantasies.

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Swinger Update

Today we introduce you to the new Swinger Update which enables you to play with up to 3 other players in Chathouse 3D! 

Like to switch partners, watch other couples having sex or just want to have 2 or even 3 partners to get on with one by one? All this is now possible with the new 4 Player Upgrade. Get yourself the 4 Player Upgrade and enjoy playing Chathouse 3D with your friends. 

Get the 4 Player Upgrade here! 

In addition to the new upgrade we also made a complete redesign of the game-lobby to make it a easier for you to get startet into the game. You are now able to join public sessions directly without having to hop trough multiple rooms, you can even filter public session for the settings you want and see all open servers at once. 

Start your Chathouse 3D now and take a look at all these new features!

Swinger Sex - Play free Chathouse3D

Premium Features Update

Every day the community for the best porn game Chathouse 3D is growing worldwide. Reason enough to provide new and improved community features and features online. This gives you even more fun with your friends and affairs, exchange videos and photos, or get to know new contacts. The makers of the erotic play have packed a nice collection of long desired features and technical improvements with new cool features which are still in work. The following list is therefore only a small start shot for major developments.

Keep the premium features ready for you:     

  • Removing all advertising inserts     
  • Smartphone optimized chat and XStream pages     
  • Extended list of Emojis for Chat and XStream with 2500+ Emojis     
  • VIP award on your profile picture     
  • Access to all Hentai Pix sets     
  • Priority support     
  • Choose your own password     
  • Change your nickname up to 3x     
  • 5x Higher chance of a Lucky Code on every purchase

If you have fun and love this community, the Premium Feature Upgrade is the best way to get the most out of it.

In bed with Angelina Jolie

Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest women on the planet. Although Brangelina is now past, the possibility of having sex with her is vanishing. Or not?

Porn Games like Chathouse 3D or the predecessors, the interactive 3D Erotic Game Sexvilla 2, make it possible with whomever you want to have sex. The Avatar is the central part of the porn games you can customize to your own taste. Whether the neighbor from opposite, the girlfriend of your best mate – or just Angelina Jolie, you can follow them to live human beings – and then have horny, taboo-sex with them.

The following trailer is about Angeline Jolie. A player of Sexvilla 2 has chosen as she plays slender and a la Tomb Raider after. It gives you a taste of everything – and your fantasies are endless. Sex with Angelina Jolie? Get Chathouse 3D and fuck the hot lude rin of the villa properly. And, with the mouth, a man would think of quite different things …