Beta Test RoomEdit

RoomEdit Free Beta Chathouse 3D

Chathouse Sexgame 23. Juni 2016

We are happy to announce the start of the free BETA-Program for the Chathouse 3D Room Editor today. This FREE BETA is open for all users who signed up before 2016-05-02.

Take part in the BETA-Program by visiting and log in with your normal To start the Beta-Launcher please go to, download and install the thriXXX Game Launcher from this site (this doesn't affect your normal thriXXX Game Launcher).

After installing and starting the Beta-Launcher, you can install Chathouse 3D again, this will not affect your normal Chathouse 3D game. You are now free to test the RoomEdit Mode of the new version including all new furniture. There is also a new tutorial included which helps you with the first steps in the RoomEdit Mode.

In case you find bugs or you think something is not working as you expect it, please use the report button in the launcher. If you don't get this far, use the report on . Thank you for taking part in this and helping us to improve our products.


Chathouse 3D Roulette

Enjoy the Goth Girls

Goth Girls are coming

Chathouse Sexgame 2. Mai 2016

There is nothing quite like Goth girls who dress up in all black, dye their hair, put on crazy makeup and wear all kinds of unique outfits. These girls will definitely catch your attention, and may even draw you into their dark world. A female who usually has pale skin. Sometimes has black or red dyed hair, dark eyeliner, black fingernails, black clothes, spiked hair such as Liberty spikes, body piercings such as flesh tunnels, and chains worn as jewelry. Styles are often borrowed from the Elizabethans and Victorians. She is usally intrested in things of a dark a morbid and mysterious nature such as: gothic art, gothic music, cemeteries, the subject of death, creatures of the night (bats, owls etc.), vampires, and gothic architecture.

Beware! The Vampire Girls are coming up so dress up with this dark outfits to celebrate the night of the witches. In case you're not into this kind of stuff, it's still a good opportunity to clear some sexy wiccas on the loose!  Enjoy the new content update of Chatghouse 3D and have greatful sex with Goth Girls.

The update includes:

  • Skull Top for girls
  • Leather Midi Skirt for girls
  • Leather Boots for girls
  • Spike Necklace for girls
  • Rivet Bracelet for girls
  • Leather Top for boys
  • Leather Pants for boys
  • 2 types of Leather Boots for boys
  • Rivet Necklace for boys
  • Spike Bracelet for boys

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Fantastic Cybersex with Chathouse 3D

Content Update – Dances

Chathouse Sexgame 18. April 2016

It´s an epic question: How to seduce a girl? Parties, Dancing, a drink – and the stone is rolling. Chathouse 3D gives you an exclusive Villa for your exclusive Party. The girls are there, drinks are there – and now here is last round of dances & accessories updates for Chathouse 3D! 

The update includes:

  • Macarena dance
  • Samba dance
  • Swing dance
  • Twist dance
  • 4x new watches

Chathouse 3D Roulette

AvatarMaker - 3D Chat Adult Game

Chathouse 3D AvatarMaker

Chathouse Sexgame 3. März 2016

Today we like to announce an all new tool for you, the AvatarMaker!

The AvatarMaker is a browser-based 3D character-creation tool, it runs directly in your browser, no install is needed.

You can use it to create avatars for websites and profiles, make pictures with it and even create full Characters which can be imported in Chathouse 3D.

The tool is free to use, all you need is a account so just give it a try. You can access the AvatarMaker here Additionally you are now also able to create avatar images directly off MyShares screenshot items. You will find a "Create Avatar" button in the details of the item. Notice: You need to be the creator of the item to use it as avatar image.

We wish you a lot of fun with this new update!

Chathouse 3D Roulette

Superbowl Models at Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D SuperBowl 50

Chathouse Sexgame 5. Februar 2016
He is a new update ready for Chathouse 3D!
On the occasion of the 50th SuperBowl, Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers, this Sunday we made you the perfect outfits for your Super Bowl party this year!

The update includes:
  • 2 Packs with full Cheerleader outfits to give your favorite team (Broncos or Panthers) the right support. Each including a Top, Skirt and Boots.
  • 2 Trikots for the Guys in the team colors.
  • Hoodies in many different colors for those who don't want to take a side in this.
  • 3 pairs of sunglasses in different colors, because you know, in the Chathouse 3D Villa the sun always shines.

Cheerleader Outfits for Panthers and Broncos

Be a Superbowl Hero! The Quarterback can have every girl he want. What girl you want? A hot cheerleader? Take all – and enjoy the cybersex. In the chat rooms are more girls for your sexual adventures. One click to the 3D chat adult game and you are the Star Quarterback.

Infos about Chathouse 3D Update and Download

Chathouse 3D Update

Chathouse Sexgame 11. Januar 2016

We can give you all infos about the update to version 1.6 of Chathouse 3D today. You can now update your games in the Launcher for free and see all the new enhancements made for this new version.

Fantastic Cybersex with the new 1.6 Chathouse 3D Update

You can now play with your self-created characters without the need for an other real player to join you.

Single Player Mode

To do this choose in the lobby the Gamemode "Singleplayer". Then you are able to select a second character from your previous created characters and start a game with this character. To switch the character you are currently playing, you can use the F9 and F10 keys to switch between your selected characters in-game.  

Sextoys and Sextoy-Poses

You are now able to use Sextoys to stimulate your partner and fulfill your both fantasies.


Chathouse 3D Roulette

The Tattoo Girl

Chathouse Sexgame 3. Dezember 2015

You like Tattoo Girls? You like Cybersex? Then read further, but – get the Download  of 3D Chathouse, it´s better!

Fuck the sexy Tattoo Girl

Oh yes, licking her wet pussy

What a hot Cybersex

3D Chat Adult Game

You like girls like these? Enjoy the Chat Room

You wanna get more? The 3D Chat Adult Game is world of 3D Sex and horny Babes like this Tattoo Girl. Enjoy contacts to many players all over the world in Chat Rooms and Chat Roulette. But now, it´s your time!


Chathouse 3D Roulette





Enjoy the better graphics and lights

Chathouse 3D Update

Chathouse Sexgame 19. November 2015

Now it´s time for a BIG update for Chathouse 3D. The all new Chathouse 3D version 1.5! You can now update your games in the Launcher for free and see all the new enhancements made for this new version. At first: YES, thrixxx is on the right way and the version 1.5 is much better as before. The light effects, realistic surfaces, shadows and ambience are great and a big step. What is new? Look at our list and enjoy the new Chathouse 3D game!

Update - it´s a pregnant difference

This is a list of the major features in this update for Chathouse 3D 1.5

  • Major enhancements of graphics and lighting effects for more realistic surfaces, shadows and ambience
  • Refactoring of most textures for more details and enhanced appearance
  • Guided Tutorials and interactive explanations for game functionality and lobby settings
  • Access to the items shop directly in the game for quicker and easier purchase of game additions
  • Many clothes available in 36 new fashionable colors
  • Support of Kiiroo devices ( Kiiroo website )
  • Furthermore we've added some important functionality for easier adding of new contents, items etc. So our in-game shop will fill up quickly now.

Please Note: The new graphic options will reset your game settings. You need to review your settings to have the best experience.

The BIG Chat Roulette Update


We also added some new privacy settings for your community accounts:

  • Choose who can post on your profile page ['everyone', 'friends only' or 'only me']
  • Block Chathouse 3D invite messages


Chathouse 3D Roulette





These Fetish Girls need you

Fetish Chat Room

Chathouse Sexgame 9. Oktober 2015

3D technology has arrived into the fetish games. If you like spicy fun with elements of BDSM or simply want to try something new, 3D Fetish simulation gives 100% satisfaction. Do not worry if daily sex life is not kinky enough. Create your own scenarios with 3D models wearing leather outfits and use variety of sex gadgets. Use virtual whips, collars, bottles, crates, leather corsets, high leather boots, latex stockings. You can abuse your slaves, stripes and bully them in the most sexually perverted ways. Nobody will know about your erotic desires, so it is really safe for you. Take long ropes, tie your girls and put gadgets in her pussy.

Fetish Sex - Rubber the model at Chathouse 3D

Enjoy this Latex Girl at 3D Chat Adult Game

Create perfect girls and 3D sluts, customize their look and body shapes. Think about fetish clothes and pervert uniforms. Thinks about various tortures and try them all on your sex slaves. Choose from candles, nipple clamps, bandages, latex leather collars and close-fitting underwear. 3D Fetish game allows to play with virtual girls and boys. Sexual positions and fuck types are almost endless. Fulfill your outrageous fantasies, let sexy chicks in leather sweatshirts take care of your penis. The game offers sex with women in latex or rubber Catsuits. Use shiny clothes made of the synthetic plastic and have fun touching smooth materials.

Fetish 3D simulator offers plenty of erotic places to play. Choose dome of pain, underground fetish, pervert rooms. Use beds with fetter belts, cages and burning candles to pour hot wax on the body. Optional game modes allow you to watch girls masturbating with many dildos, vibrators and "fucking machines". Play as master and wear leather shorts with a hole on virtual penis. Immerse yourself and delve into the world of bondage and rubber fetish! Latex and PVC fetishism is quite popular, but it covers another kinky idea – total enclosure fetishism, where the body is totally covered with a uniform.


Chathouse 3D Roulette





My opinion about Chathouse 3D

Chathouse Sexgame 6. August 2015

If you are already a fan of multiplayer online virtual sex games, you won’t want to miss the exciting release of Chathouse 3D Roulette by ThriXXX. It is brought to you by the same producers that brought you 3D Sexvilla 2, 3D Gayvilla and Hentai 3D. Just a few of the features you’ll enjoy if you play Chathouse 3D Roulette include:

  • Interactive, Multiplayer 3D Environment
  • Adult Chat Rooms and Social Profiles
  • Highly Realistic Virtual Reality Cybersex

3D Chat Adult Game

Chathouse 3D goes one step further than most current VR sex game developers. What step is that you ask? The ability to partake in virtual online sex with REAL partners via an internet connection. Because of this advanced step, it’s also possible that this will become the new online social network to find sexual, like-minded partners from anywhere across the world.

Should you find an individual to partake in your horny, sexual fantasies, you can gain access to a Sex Room where you and your new lover can enjoy interactive sex in a very realistic environment. Better yet, you can bring a few friends into the room with you…

Cybersex adventures

Free Vs. Paid Users
You can access the Chathouse 3D Roulette for free but you won’t have access to the most important features that make this online game the absolute best. However, playing for free will help you get a better idea of what the game is and help you decide if it’s worth upgrading. Upon upgrading, you get to enjoy a lot of things like sculpting the breasts and vagina, adding some freckles here or there and even a voice changing option to match your own nationality.

As a free member some things are censored and you don’t get to partake in the many different positions like anal or cowgirl or get to watch others enjoying interactive sex in the voyeur mode. So, as mentioned earlier, the Chathouse 3D Roulette will be worth every penny if you really enjoy VR sex games and want to do it with real people across the world.

You can use Chathouse 3D with the latest sex devices designed for virtual sexual play like the Oculus Rift headset and the Vstroker. These devices only enhance the amazing, unforgettable experience that one will have when taking full advantage of online virtual cybersex.


Chathouse 3D Roulette